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Who wouldn’t want to peel off on an exhilarating cruise in a luxury yacht? Sounds good, doesn’t it? No denying; there aren’t very many things that exude as thrilling a feeling or as awesome an experience.

Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, yacht cruises were thought of as one of those perks and quirks that are exclusive domain of the affluent and famous that only the elite can afford. But in stepped Meridian Private Yachts to rock the establishment at its very foundations and change the narrative. What Meridian Private Yachts has in the offing is an amazing cruise experience that is tailored to meet your leisure needs without boring gaping holes in your pockets.

It is only natural to want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life/work commitments and into the scenic aura and vista that comes with sitting on the upper deck of one of our yachts, looking out to the vastness and sheer beauty of nature in Lake Michigan or the Chicago River, sipping a glass of fine champagne, and enjoying the view with some classical jazz music in the background. And Meridian Private Yachts offers you all that and much more.

We’ve been in the business of cruise yacht charter for over a decade, so the assertion that we’ve been there and done that is a fact. Backed up by a team of dedicated staff, our existence is solely to ensure that you seamlessly secure luxury yacht charters and savor every moment of the experience. Our customer service and support are second to none, we’ve got you covered on proposals and quotations, assuring you of turnarounds and responses in record time.

And you don’t have to work yourself into a migraine trying to make a choice. Whatever you want, give it voice and see it done. We are committed to exploring all the options that best suits you based on your preferences and desires. You are sure to be treated to a personalized and attentive service, one that promises the best private yacht charter experience.

With Meridian Private Yachts, all that is required of you is that you contact us, go through our catalogue of luxury yachts, make a choice, and it’s a done deal. It sure doesn’t get better than this. Our collection of luxury yachts which includes the 42” Carver and the 38” Carver are designed to provide comfy accommodation and safety. It’s perfect for a small band of friends who are looking to cool off or bond after a long time away from one another. Think about that anniversary, engagement, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, photo shoot, music video or out-of-town getaway atop one of our yachts, adorned in colorful stylish clothes and hats, basking in the euphoria of the ambient wind, some fine food and drinks, exhilarating games, top-notch music, and sheer zest. You can’t beat that. And our architectural tours and fireworks cruises are icing on the cake! It does make for some of those pleasant memories that you just can’t help recounting or reminiscing about. With Meridian Private Yachts, you’re tempted to want to return with every return. Now, wouldn’t you rather rent-a-cruise with us?

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